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Cooking Her Way to the Top | Asymptote Blog

Chef Rossi on Feminism and Kosher Hot Dogs

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Au Comptoir, Au Terroir: Eric Rohmer’s Nadja à Paris | Asymptote Blog

Foreignness, film, and fluidity between private and public spaces.

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Lunch with Vittoria de Sica | Asymptote Blog

The midday meal in The Bicycle Thief

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Women, Cooking | Asymptote Blog

Like this critic’s grandmother, the women Kamman writes about cooked from their bodies rather than from books. Their recipes reflect their surrounds and their histories: a profound sense of regional food distinguishes each woman and her kitchen. Many of her recipes, she is sure to note, have never been written down before. The recipes she documents have grown out of the labor of women, out of their gardens, town markets and larders. For these women, food is their labor and sustenance.

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What’s a Tomme Cheese? | Asymptote Blog

In her continued column about food & language, Nina Sparling examines just what—and how—"tomme" cheese has come to mean...

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Drinking with Boris Vian | Asymptote Blog

Part II in a series on food, literature, and translation—this time featuring Boris Vian and his classic "L'ecume des jours"...